Courses & Workshops

With over 6,000 hours of original and practical IT and cyber training programs we are in a unique position to provide our clients with tailored programs based on their specific needs and challenges.

Explore our portfolio of hands-on oriented and exercises focused programs and courses. All based on original content created and updated by our in-house instructors, to fit the ever changing cyber environment.


To work in the highly dynamic field of IT and Cyber, it is essential that you fully understand the fundamentals as humans are at the forefront of every good cybersecurity strategy. A qualified workforce who can defend their companies’ assets is a must, especially in this interconnected, fast paced, and vulnerable world. 


CYBERPRO’s suite of Cyber Essentials provides professionals and upcoming trainees with the fundamentals of IT and Cyber to help them explore the world of cyber, allowing them to advance with additional, more specialized preparation. With our state-of-the-art technologies and a hands-on, instructive approach, our trainees gain all the practical skills needed to succeed in the world of cyber. 


IT personnel and blue team members are the backbone of the organization’s cyber defense. Their job is to strengthen the organization’s digital security infrastructure. As well as find ways to defend, change and re-group defense mechanisms to make incident response much stronger.


While many organizations consider prevention the gold standard of security, detection and remediation are equally important to overall defense capabilities. CYBERPRO’s blue team programs will assist you building a strong cyber defense team, which masters malicious tactics, techniques, and procedures in order to build response strategies around them.


By imitating real-world attacks and perform all the necessary steps that attackers would use that can hit a company or an organization, Red teams offer critical benefits such as; detect, prevent and eliminate vulnerabilities, better understanding of possible data exploitation and the prevention of future breaches.


Do not simply hire someone outside the organization for red teaming! By combining CYBERPRO’s Red Team programs with CYWARIA simulation platform you can build these capabilities in-house and ensure your security team is up to par with the proper defenses in place.


An organization’s workforce is at the forefront of its security strategies. Our practices and sense of awareness of potential incoming threats and forms of penetration cyber-attackers may count on are key in order to guarantee asset integrity. Any materialized attack may not only result in financial losses and information theft, but may also put an organization´s reputation and trust levels at risk. Thus, it is crucial for these to ensure their workforce is cyber-aware and to count on the right defense tools and skills at managerial levels.


CYBERPRO´s Management and Awareness courses focus on providing organizations and its members with the appropriate tools to properly identify, prevent and respond against potential incoming threats and cyber attacks. Moreover, our courses will help foster a culture of cyber awareness at organizational levels, ultimately blocking cyber-crime from infiltrating their online workspace.


Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning have become powerful tools in organizations leading to innovation, achievements, decision-making, and analysis. Organizations integrate AI and ML to improve productivity, perform cost and time-efficient processes, improve customer experience, and reduce errors. Therefore, investing in training professionals in this field has become a valuable asset within work environments. 


CYBERPRO offers an updated Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning suite, of course, targeted at professionals looking to develop their skills in the field, enhance productivity in the work environments, or have an edge in today’s highly demanding and rapidly evolving market. Our courses provide trainees with the practical tools to ensure successful performance and satisfying results.